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Compliance Test Center

  Northwest Tank is pleased to introduce the Compliance Test Center, or CTC. CTC is a copyrighted, proprietary software system and database that allows Northwest Tank to track and schedule all required tests for every client site on time. This powerful system records, manages and stores details pertaining to every site visit, all tests completed, testing results, technician notes and much more.

Our team of technicians can submit site details and access this library of valuable customer information 24/7, from any location, in order to assist a customer at a moment’s notice. Through careful review of a customer’s records online, our technicians can provide the highest level of service available that is specific to the unique, recorded needs of the customer.

CTC also enables us to provide our customers certified test results within a few days of service. Upon request, test results may also be available on the same day as testing. In addition, these test results can be accessed online by the customer, through Northwest Tank’s Web Access Testing Results system, or WATR, within 24 hours of service.

Through the use of CTC, Northwest Tank is able to guarantee on-time service to clients who participate in the UST Compliance Program and are under contract with Northwest Tank. This means that if the site is not tested on or before the next scheduled due date, the testing service for that cycle is provided at no cost. Contact Northwest Tank for more details.

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