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Why Should I Have My Meters Calibrated?

Many station owners and operators ask this question because they believe that the testing periodically completed by a State weights and measures official is all that is needed. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to profit loss, fuel shortages to customers, or poorly maintained meters that may require costly repairs in the future. And since the State may not visit a site for several years, there is time for meters to become increasingly inaccurate, further shorting the customers in fuel, or worse, giving away more fuel.  

To make matters worse, if the State indeed visits, they will inform you of a fuel shortage incident, however, they are not required to issue a violation if the site is giving away small amounts of fuel. The only way to avoid these problems is to have all meters calibrated on a regular basis before any such issues arise. This low cost, preemptive measure can ensure accurate fuel delivery and increase overall compliance.


Meters Calibration Can Save You Money

The smallest incremental change in a meter can result in losses that may grow exponentially with each passing day. The chart below reflects the importance of meter calibration in the detection and prevention of fuel loss. The figures shown are based on meters that are off by only four (4) cubic inches (cu in) per five-gallons.

If 8 out of 24 meters at a station with average throughput are inaccurately calibrated, they stand to give away 1,384 gallons of gas over 12 months. At an average price of $3.10/gallon (Jan. 2015), that equals a loss of $4,290! Can you afford to absorb a loss this great each year?

Loss Detection and Prevention is Key to Profitability

Northwest Tank uses the most efficient equipment to duplicate the consumer fueling process, resulting in highly accurate meter calibration results. In addition, we create concise return on investment reports (ROI) to provide a record of meter performance. These detailed ROI findings clearly display all of the inaccuracies corrected during our visit.

Get with the Program – Contact Northwest Tank Today!

Northwest Tank offers a full-service Meter Calibration Program to ensure that your meters are calibrated accurately. Fully certified and licensed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Montana, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona, our technicians can quickly establish a meter calibration program for you as an important step toward complete fuel management.

  • Improve franchise relationships by minimizing disputes and promoting corporate confidence.
  • Ensure franchised and dealer-operated sites are properly maintaining equipment.
  • Proactively identify drifting meters early before financial loss occurs.
  • Receive a full Return on Investment Report with each calibration service.
  • Maintain accurate and timely records and calibration reports.
  • Avoid NOV’s from Weights and Measures.
  • Work with highly trained calibration technicians who adhere to the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44.
  • Partner with a company who is a proud member of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

Trust Northwest Tank to apply their many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to calibrate your meters for accuracy and maximum profitability. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for Meter Calibration.

We look forward to working with you!

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