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Loss detection and prevention is the key to profitability. Each and every station owner and operator knows that making a profit can be a challenge when their focus is shifted toward ensuring that all of their systems are operating properly and within local, state and federal guidelines and requirements.

To make life easier, Northwest Tank offers many services to ensure that each and every pump is operating efficiently and accurately. By measuring performance against guidelines set forth by local and state govering bodies, a station owner can be informed of areas in which the customer may be shorted, or worse, if gas is being given away for free.  

Our services help every station owner focus on what's most important —
running their business!

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In addition to the many testing services we provide, Northwest Tank has created its own industry leading, propriety software that enables us to schedule, track and closely monitor compliance testing for every client site. Learn more about our Compliance Test Center (CTC) >

As a value-added service to our customers, we provide user-friendly, online access to all test results through our own Web Access Testing Results system (WATR). Read more >

We work where you work! As we continue to grow each year, we are pleased to provide services thoughout the west. Contact us to see if we can help in your state!

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UST Compliance
Tank Tightness Testing
Line Tightness Testing
Leak Detector Testing
Cathodic Protection System
Tank Monitor Certifications
Helium Pinpoint Testing

Vapor Recovery
Static Pressure Decay Testing
Air-to-Liquid Ratio Testing
Dynamic Back Pressure
Stage I EVR Testing
Healy Stage II Testing

Meter Calibration
Meter Calibration Program

Compliance Test Center
Web Access Testing Results


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